We are the BFA

We are Western Washington University’s 2019 Design BFA cohort. Welcome to our workspace, where ideas are born and implemented.

The BFA cohort is small—a handful of students that share one space and one journey. From learning how to use the pen tool, to sharing apartments in the city and commuting to internships, and spending our weekdays and nights just feet away from each other.

We do these things together, yet we each bring something different to the team. With minors in UX Design, Psychology, Art History, and more, our perspectives are always growing and changing, influenced by our peers, professors, and experiences.


Welcome to the studio

The BFA studio is our creative space, located at the top of the WWU Art Annex. Here lives our desks, all of our classes, our legacy in the form of a neon sign-turned-ottoman, basketball games and all-nighters. Drag around the video to explore the studio! 

Our Projects

Where we pour our time, tears, and heart. Scroll down to see some of our favorite projects from our cohort. See something that interests you? Check out more of our work on the Designers page.

Come meet us all.

We love what we do and we want to share it with you! We live in Art Annex 251. See our door open? Feel free to come in and say hi, ask questions, or just check out the space. See you there.

Or if you live anywhere that isn’t Bellingham, check out our work and portfolios on the Designers page. Just a quick click away!

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