Amy Wisegarver

My name is Amy Wisegarver, and I am a designer and adrenaline junkie originally from Sammamish, Washington. I am currently pursing a BFA in Design and a minor in UX Design at Western Washington University, and I will be graduating in June of 2021. As a designer, leveraging the power I have to create work that is both beautiful and accessible is incredibly important to me. There is a lot of ethical responsibility in this field, and I am excited about the wonderful opportunities to be the person behind creating inclusive and accessible designs.

When I’m not working on school or freelance projects, you can find me jumping out of a plane, riding my motorcycle, taking a jiu jitsu class, or hunkered down in a coffee shop to write. Needless to say, I am a bit of a thrill-seeker. I have always been drawn to adrenaline sports, and find that it is the best way to relax and ground myself after a busy week in front of my computer. However, when I’m not looking for the next Otter or Cessna to leap out of, I am seldom found without my laptop and headphones, working on adding to my journal or outlining the novel I would like to publish one day.

Through my years of schooling, freelance, and internships, I have found my passion in UI/UX design. The opportunity to work with a team to enhance digital experiences or processes excites and motivates me, and always exposes me to new technology and solutions that keep me hungry as a designer. As much as I enjoy crafting the research and work, I always look forward to the client-facing parts of the project. I have a passion for the sales-side of design, and collaborating with the client to create something that exceeds expectations from either side.



MENTOR is a digital design agency based out of Fremont in Seattle, with an additional office in Dallas. Mentor CG creates web and digital products for companies as small as startups, and as large as enterprises, and has an impressive portfolio of clients including Eddie Bauer, Beecher’s, Lovers, Zeeks Pizza, Kymeta, and many more. Mentor was founded by Aaron Shurts, the former President of the Seattle Chapter of the AIGA. Aaron was a college design professor for over 7 years, and has had work featured in The New York Times, CMYK magazine, Communication Arts, and Adobe. Mentorship is key in how Mentor CG works with their clients to produce engaging and impactful results, and their incredible team certainly reflects that.


My experience at Mentor was incredibly enriching for me as a designer, and as a person. Being surrounded by such a strong and well-rounded team made each project incredibly fun and successful. By working with different team members of the same project, I was able to develop my ideas and get feedback from all different perspectives. My very first day on the job, I noticed how warm and welcoming everyone was, and could feel that there was a great community that was built within this agency. Everyone who works at Mentor really cares about what they do and the client, and the quality of work in Mentor’s portfolio reflects that.

Though most of my days were spent working on UX/UI, meeting with clients, or meeting with my colleagues, we always found ways to laugh and have fun. The daily coffee chats before the start of each workday was a great way to get to know everyone outside of work-conversation, but it was even more fun to get the chance to talk with everyone at our socially-distant happy hour at Gasworks Park. I felt that everyone truly cared about me as a person as much as they cared about me as a designer, and were all always willing to jump on a call to give me advice and feedback.


Dear Aaron,

Getting the chance to work at Mentor CG made this summer unforgettable. I learned so much from each person on the team, and had the wonderful opportunity to develop my skills as a designer. There was always someone available to share tips, files, or critique my work, and I greatly appreciated how involved everyone was in my internship this summer. The environment and team that you have built with Mentor is really unique and special, and I truly loved the daily coffee chats every morning and the Question of the Day. Oh, and of course the ‘puppy tax’ from Evan. Thank you for believing in me and helping me grow, and allowing me to be a part of such an incredible team.