Eli Kiesel

My favorite part of design is cultivating an experience for people. I love to create a story through design that connects and communicates with humans. Seeing and hearing people react to my creations and knowing that I was able to make a connection is a true delight. I really enjoy seeing the proof of bridging a knowledge gap and it is my pleasure to help provide clarity for other people. Outside of design I spend my time either consuming media, through video games or YouTube, and creating non-design specific art. While I do use my artistic talents for design, I specifically create a space for art outside of my professional life so that I can remain unpressured and can craft at my leisure. What makes me tick is my preplanning, I am the kind of person who literally followed a 5-year plan almost to a T, without even realizing it. Also, one weird fact about me is that I am usually wearing headphones. I have a sensitive hearing system, so I prefer to listen to one specific audio clearly, generally music or podcasts. Even when I play video games, I will usually have a different source of background audio.



Brooks running does one thing, build great running gear. They believe that running does the soul good and that it’s not always a race, but it is always an experience. Their gear is engineered with the genuine human body in mind and their goal is to create a tool to help people do what they physically want to do, not create an ‘ideal racing shoe,’ although they do that too. They care about running because they’re runners. They also care heavily about giving back to the Earth they run on, and actively work to minimize their environmental impact while maximizing their positive efforts and remaining transparent about their tactics. Brooks has a long history, from bath and ballet shoes to roller skates to cleats to running, then in 2001 Brooks decided to focus on the run. As reflected by the CEO, Jim Weber, Brooks views running as the most inclusive sport in the world and they are committed to reflecting that concept. Also, their shoes are so comfy it’s bananas, they’re very appealing!


My favorite part of my internship was getting to converse with other members of the Brooks team. I really enjoyed being able to learn from everyone through group and individual conversation. I had many one on one conversations during which we talked about larger design and social issues. Or in which I learned about other professional fields and paths, and how they interweave with design. Through all these conversations I learned a lot about communication. I also really enjoyed the projects that I got to work on. Together the different projects created a very well-rounded learning experience and were super fun! People were jazzed about the projects I was working on, which created an enthusiastic workflow that was exciting to participate in. It was very cool to see other people’s inspirations and take always. These moments were memorable because I used them as learning moments. These were moments during which I felt like I’d grown, where I had observed or been provided with information that made a little lightbulb click on in my head. I became more confident as I learned and filled my professional boots outs more. The circumstances of my internship worked together to create a well rounded and cultivated learning experience which I feel helps to set me up for my next chapter of life.


I would like to thank my internship mentor Lucas Fuentes, as well as the rest of the Brooks team, for the superb experience that they facilitated for me this summer! You were encouraging and supportive, which immediately made me feel welcome and eager to approach new challenges, and comfortable enough to ask questions. Even with the added challenges of being remote, you provided many opportunities for me to learn about the inner workflow and communication of a business. In addition to providing a wonderful example of professional work/life balance and hosting rich conversations that taught me a lot about how to influence and control my professional experience. Again, thank you, under your guidance I flourished during my internship and grew as a person and professional!