Erin McCoy

Hello! I’m Erin. I will be graduating from Western Washington University with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History in the spring of 2021. Though my career as a college student is coming to a close, I’m eager to keep learning. The beauty of design is that there are so many facets to explore and discover. What originally drew my interest in graphic design is branding – I love developing visual moods and worlds that people can relate to and immerse themselves in. Since then I’ve discovered I’m a bit of a typography fanatic and have developed a knack for web design. Bellingham is my home time and I love it here. In my free time, you can find me skateboarding, at the park with my dog, drawing, or indulging in a few too many wontons during happy hour. I’m 26 and still learning how to smile for my picture.



Elva is a full-service design group with an affinity for e-commerce. Elva’s design process allows for unique connections that result in modular solutions for leading brands in their respective industries. The core values at Elva drive the decision making; every design is rooted in simplicity, intent and strong relationships.


There were so many simple, tangible things I learned during my internship. At Elva, I filed my first invoices and gained some new technical skills in Adobe suite. I learned granular things within web design like how to find the underlying grid structure of any website (props to Peter for showing me how to do that, like, five times). All of these things are important foundational skills to have as a professional in this field. However, I think one of the biggest takeaways from my time at Elva has been developing a process and way of thinking about all of my projects to come that allows me to make better work.

Everyone at Elva values the integrity of their work. We are encouraged to push our designs to their capacity and to create with attention to detail. Elva has taught me how to question the meaning of my design decisions so that my work is able to move beyond aesthetic value and serve a better function for our clients. Elva has impressed upon me a stronger process for finding the purpose and solution within any given design project. This is so crucial when inspiration is not at the ready. My time at Elva has developed my design approach and will have a lasting impact on my career.


Everyone at Elva made me feel like I was a part of the team since day one and I am incredibly grateful for all the experiences we’ve had together! Elva is composed of such a talented team. Working with and learning from all of you is a privilege. I want to thank Michael and JP for all their support and the opportunity to work at Elva. You both have fostered that workplace allows for creativity, growth, and excellence. Thank you for making me a part of the team. I also want to highlight Kelly and Peter. You are my go-to’s for when I'm in need of feedback and a new perspective. I appreciate the insight you two have shared with me.

Thank you all for everything.