Sadie Schrenkeisen

My favorite part of design is how expansive it is. Give fifty different designers the same problem and you will get fifty different solutions. Design has taught me the beauty of ideation— how freeing it is to know that multiple paths can still lead to success(especially if we are the ones defining it)! I am particularly interested in the intersections between design and sustainability, and the ways that empathy can be utilized in the design process. Illustration is my jam, and my favorite thing in the whole world might just be color—I surround myself with as much of it as possible,  and it is my favorite way of expressing myself through design and otherwise.

I crave constant learning and I love borrowing new hobbies from the people I meet. This summer along with my internship I tried my hand at paper-mache, pickling, bread-baking, meditating, punch-needling, and jewelry-making. I find myself easily fatigued and in need of creative stimulation—I love design, but it’s important to me to continue to seek out new passions! I enjoy very sad Italian music and very happy Brazilian music, prefer to sleep 9 hours a day, and when I am not creating I can be found dancing with my roommates.



Ten Gun Design is a creative agency with an emphasis on innovation and grounded in the principle of always “taking ideas further”. Ten Gun is made up of a vast multiplidicinary team that allows them to oversee all the necessary intricate details that make projects successful. Masters of interaction design and 3D, they produce beautiful, polished work for the likes of Xbox, Amazon, and Micron. For an agency that produces such expert design, I was delighted to experience the playfulness that they also bring—both in the workplace in the form of comical gif-sharing, and in the work they produce (check out their recent work for Funko).

Learning to have confidence in the skillset I have acquired throughout college was essential to the success of my remote internship. In a classroom setting, I constantly depended on the feedback on my peers, to determine the level of work I was producing. I depended on words of affirmation to be able to tell if I was on the right track to completing a project. While working at Ten Gun, I quickly learned that I needed to have confidence in myself in order to prove myself to the talented creatives I was surrounded by in my meetings!


Though I started off anxious, in order to make the best of this amazing opportunity I knew I needed to have faith that the skills I gained in my years of design education would keep me from feeling lost or out of my depth. Being comfortable with myself allowed me to be able to ask questions and learn from my superiors rather than being afraid of them! I am forever grateful for the trust I now have in myself!

One of my favorite parts of my internship was my time spent working on a project for Providence. Not only was I part of the dream team working with creatives Ryan and Jeff, but I began on this project not far from its initial conception. This meant that I got to spend a little more time wading in the ideation process and that I got to do one of my favorite things: sketching. The feedback I got was perhaps some of the most invaluable from the entirety of my internship; learning how to take a creative spark and turn it into a substantial concept. Seeing the complex process of idea conception, to idea expansion, and onto idea refinement in a professional work setting was something I had yet to experience.

This project in particular also taught me a great deal about time. The dreamy two-month timeline for logo creation that I had grown accustomed to in school was not the reality I once thought it was. I realized that it would be important for me to practice being innovative in a time crunch, and learn to manifest my own bursts of creative energy rather than waiting for them to appear.

This skill has been critical in my ability to produce quality work as I enter my final year of my undergraduate degree.


I find myself looking back on my summer and having the same realization of how lucky I was in this unprecedented year to have been able to be surrounded by a large group of supportive and talented creatives. Thank you to the Ten Gun team for giving me a wonderful opportunity to grow my skills in such a nurturing environment. I cannot express how much I appreciate what this past summer has given me in terms of lifelong skills; it was a privilege to have this intimate look into what a high-functioning, innovative and risk-taking workplace looks like. Special thanks to Arthur for the weekly check-ins and music recommendations, thanks for keeping me calm and grounded throughout my experience!