Nathan Cutter

I’m Nate Cutter and I’m a designer with way too many interests. I find writing about myself difficult in this sense because I never know what I want to focus down into. I grew up in various locations across the US and a little bit of Europe and was exposed to new people, histories and cultures which I think is the reason why I find so many things interesting. When it comes to design, definitely my favorite part has been drawing the connection with clients and audience and the trust and understanding that comes from it. Design is a very personal process that allows one to look into the mind of another. It also holds a vast responsibility to represent things with precision and ethics.

Outside of school and work (here come the other interests) I find myself exploring down deep tunnels of philosophy, politics and economics, researching new technologies and programs of the future, the histories of long ended civilizations, pursuing my personal artistic interests of storytelling and game development and trying my best to be eco-friendly. I also coach and participate in my University’s club water polo teams. There are just so many interesting facets of this world and I want to learn about all of them. I’ve always admired the versatility of the renaissance men of the past and hope one day to utilize all of my interests fully to become one myself.



CrittEar is a dog ear protection company that produces ear plugs for dogs. They believe in creating a comfortable and considerate environment for pets. The creator of this product and founder of the company is Susan Hansen who has an in-depth entrepreneurial career in audiology and is a loving dog mom. What makes them distinct is this is the first ever dog ear plug–this is wholly a new and original concept.

Mentor Creative Group is a versatile design agency that primarily works in the field of web design. They work for some great companies and rework, redesign, or build sites and other assets that tell the story of their client. The founder is Aaron Shurts, a skilled designer who, through the years has served creative leadership for brands like Starbucks, Nike, and Target. What makes them distinct is their client relation strategy where they have short, daily check ins with clients to keep them in the loop and allow them to really feel like a part of the creative process.


My internship experience at Tyro and Mentor were differing in a few ways. In Tyro, though working with a supervisor and peers, I learned more about the process of solo design—reaching out to clients, making your own schedule, handling your own finances, and more. This was all invaluable information, giving me first hand experience on how to make it by myself in design if I wanted. I was thrilled watching steps I’ve learned from the design process unfold before me so naturally.

My experience at Mentor was different in that it was a group setting. Every morning there is a quick coffee meeting to bond and chat about things outside of work. The structure and support of a team setting is extremely empowering and motivating to work your best and succeed not for yourself but for the benefit of the entire team. On top of this, the people who work there are the sweetest people on the planet, making the conflict of an online team system almost disappear. I got to see the inner workings of a studio process and learned some new strategies to create an even stronger connection with clients.


I have a couple thanks to give. The biggest one goes to Paula, easily. She guided those of us who didn’t end up with formal internships this summer into getting paid work. Furthermore, she was extremely generous in not only helping me find a connection with a dog owner, but also assisted in filming a majority of the work I used in my project for TYRO studios. Beyond thankful for your support and guidance.

My other thanks go to my guru’s at Mentor Creative Group, Evan Bauer and Brittany Mehl. Extremely kind, understanding, and encouraging people. The work at Mentor has been eye opening but also difficult due to its remote nature, but Evan and Britt have helped magnificently to diffuse not only that but also the nervous energy that comes with working at your first design studio. I appreciate and thank you two for the foundations you’ve implemented in building my confidence.