Nicholas Rice

My name’s Nick, I’m 21 years old, and originally from Orange County, California. I moved to Washington when I was 14, right when I was entering my first year of high-school. If it wasn't for the move, I don't think I would be a designer today. At the time, I didn't know a lot of people in my area, so I spent a lot of time at home on my computer. I enjoyed gaming and YouTube, so one day a couple of my friends and I decided to start making YouTube videos. I downloaded Photoshop and After Effects so I create video thumbnails and cool animations for our videos. This was my first experience with design and I fell in love with the creative process.

Since then, I’ve started making motion designs, 3d renderings, and artwork - anything that involved me being creative. I began marketing myself on social media to take commission work so that I could get some experience and money doing what I enjoy most. My favorite part about design is how many mediums, tools, and programs are at your disposal to create. I love finding new tools and learning new programs that allow me to further my technical design skills and expand my options. Outside of design, my hobbies include skateboarding, art, and video games.



The company I interned for this summer was Ben Kinney. They are a real estate company located in Bellingham, WA that operates in multiple branches, specializing in providing realtors and agents with the proper tools to sell homes. Some of the work I saw included website building, UI design, data analysis, agent training, marketing, and more. At the company, I worked inside their web and design department run by my boss Josiah. This role for me meant building websites, designing UI for app prototypes, making merch, and creating video resources. The company's core values are described as HEALTH - Hard work, Extraordinary results, Accountable in all things, Leaders only, Teamwork, Humble.


Something I learned in my internship this year was managing my work week by setting goals. My boss introduced to me the idea of SMART goals, which is a way to make your goals measurable. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based. This helped my busy brain clearly see what work was needed to be done and provided a sense of satisfaction whenever a goal was completed. Each week my boss Josiah and I had 1-on-1s to go over my weekly work and personal goals which helped keep me accountable knowing I would be reporting to someone. This was something I continued doing even after the internship for my freelance work and personal life. Having small measurable goals throughout the week really helped me feel like I was making progress in the "slow" life that was quarantine. Oftentimes, working from home made me feel like I wasn't doing anything productive at all but these goals helped me keep that in check and realize that I was doing more than I thought.

One of my favorite parts of the internship was working on video content with a group of other employees. I rarely get a chance to do group work outside of school, so getting to create and brainstorm with others was quite fun for me. The process of brainstorming, writing scripts, gathering assets, meeting with teammates, and creating an awesome final product is something I enjoy a lot. Even though I was an intern, during this project I felt like I was on equal ground with everyone and I had a voice in the project. I also enjoyed our morning stand-up meetings. With the pandemic, we all were working remotely which meant working alone 90% of the time. I never got the chance to meet my co-workers besides my boss but these morning stand-up meetings provided a great space to get to know each other. We would start by saying something we were grateful for, our agenda for the day, and how we were feeling. Leaving the meetings, I always felt awake and ready to tackle my day.


Thank you to Josiah for putting your trust in me and giving me the opportunity to work with yall at Ben Kinney. I really enjoyed my first internship experience and I’m happy that it was with you guys. I appreciated how much you cared for all your employees and how accommodating you were, letting me work on projects I took interest in. Our weekly 1-on-1's taught me how to better my productivity by keeping a list of SMART goals that I still use today outside of work.

Thank you to Brandon and Mckenna for being great co-workers and being patient with me when showing me the ropes around Ben Kinney. In this new, remote work environment, you made me feel comfortable and welcomed in the team. You both were very helpful in getting me started and always had answers to my questions even when you were busy.