Rae Baitx

What is your favorite part of design?
The possibilities and exploration. I am fascinated by the fact that combinations of shapes, colors, textures, and text can make you deeply
feel things.

What hobbies do you have outside of work and academics?
Printmaking! Letterpress printing, screen printing, painting, cooking, leatherwork, being in nature, sitting by a fire. I would love to open a print shop that stocks local artist’s work and community goods all heated by a cozy wood-burning stove.

What makes you tick?
The creativity that is inspired by passion. Thoughtfulness and curiosity.
Connection and relationships.

What is a fun fact about you?
I daydream about homesteading and having a farm. I find it ironic and interesting that I am getting a degree in a field that heavily relies on
computers and digital spaces, but am most happy in an analog reality. Working with my hands and experimenting with physical
materials brings me joy.



Knack Collective is a digital marketing agency that is leading by example when it comes to changing the culture within business to business marketing. Microsoft, Adobe, Puma, Informatica are just some of their clients. They create custom digital marketing campaigns to generate leads that ultimately turn into sales for companies. Their reach is global. Their culture is bold, caring and inclusive. Knack starts by studying client data to tailor make strategies for each one, then deliver effective assets that give companies the revenue growth they are looking for. They do all of this while offering great customer experiences that are built into the innovative culture they foster. Catherine Bye and Mariah Lincoln founded Knack after agreeing they no longer wanted to be a part of the status quo “old boys club” system that limited their growth. By building Knack they became the change they wanted to see in the field of marketing. Individually working at different agencies that left them needing more, They founded a new agency that valued inclusivity, authenticity, boldness and transparency. You can find out more about their story and work at knackcollective.com


My experience at Knack consisted of many firsts and memorable moments. By far my favorite part of my internship with Knack was the feeling of belonging I experienced. From the first time I interviewed to my last day, everyone welcomed me into the company with such warmth and support.

I was able to sit in on a lot of meetings and have a seat at the table with professional designers and consultants. On days when I was experiencing doubt and confusion, my team would reassure me and encourage me. Some ways the company kept us all feeling connected while working from home was with photo challenges on Fridays and Monday Motivation meetings.

Every Monday morning to kick off the workweek, the founders would lead an informal check-in meeting where everyone had the opportunity to catch up. On Fridays in Slack, we would be prompted to share a personal photo within the proposed theme. Some of the prompts were: your first car, your first job, your family, and baby pictures. These threads fueled so many conversations and laughs. It was such a great way to get to know each other and feel more connected while we worked from home.


Dear Knack Squad,

I want to extend my gratitude to everyone who made my intern experience successful and memorable. Mirah and Catherine, thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a seat at the table to learn all about design within a marketing agency. You showed me that it is possible to be a part of a company that emphasizes the value of work-life balance and encourages me to show up authentically. Thank you, Sarah, for making me feel welcome from the first time we met during my interview and for the unwavering support throughout my internship. Thank you, Stephanie, for the fearless leadership, direction, and encouragement. Your example and experience brought excitement and focus to the team. Thank you,  Bethany, for showing me the way and having all the answers when I needed them. Thank you, Lexi, for all the cat content, being there for me, and willing to chat whenever. Thank you to Megan, Kaitlin, Amber, and Lindsay for breaking down the business side of things into terms I could understand. Thank you, Anil for being patient and willing to help with anything tech-related I came up against. Thank you, Andrea, for being gracious and kind when I needed extra help with time sheets. Thank you, Toy for taking me under your wing and being a great mentor. You encouraged me to show up and contribute even if I am unsure of the answer or what the path forward looks like. You advised me to take control of my experiences in order to get exactly what I need out of them in order to achieve what I’m aiming for in my future. I will carry this valuable experience with me into my future.

Looking forward,